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Why WAC?

Purpose and Effect

  1. A non-profit organization, The World Association of Creativity, offers the world's best new and innovative creative program, CREDECA and the CREDECA World Finals.

  2. The WAC approach allows students to tap into a new perspective:to focus on processes rather than outcomes. The CREDECA World Finals offers students unique and exciting opportunities to work with and be challenged by foreign peers.

  3. This world class experience is inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in the United States. WAC's aim is to acquire the meaning and value of true STEM education that integrates science and technology components. 

Activities Outside of the Competition

In order to emphasize competition for the creative gifted students from all over the world, every CREDECA World Finals participant will engage in a variety of engaging events that provide opportunities for cultural exchange, mutual understanding and friendships anywhere on campus.

Our program includes:

  1. Opening ceremony.

  2. Magnet trade with individually designed magnets

  3. CREDECA newspaper

  4. Find-A-Buddy

  5. Creativity Festival (Games and Experiment booths)

  6. Volunteer Work (Certificate Issuance)

  7. Award Ceremony

  8. ... and much more!

Expected Effects

  1. Free from the constraints of traditional classroom style learning, students will tackle problems occurring in everyday life.

  2. Participants will have fun by immersing themselves in and challenging the integrated various subjects.

  3. The WAC program is also designed to nurture creativity, teamwork, problem solving ability, task attachment ability, project performance ability, caring, and leadership as it encourages cooperation.

  4. The WAC program will be a chance to encourage the spirit of the future and it to expand and confirm the qualities of the fusion of gifted students.

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