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Vision, Mission & History

We develop the best programs to ensure that all students who will lead our future society live happy and enjoyable lives.


To develop and provide the world's best creativity program designed

                                to nurture global talent bases who will lead the future society.


Our mission is to provide, in preparation for the fast-changing educational landscape of the future, open source creativity programs that all students and teachers across the globe can use and benefit from regardless of nationality, ethnicity, social class, etc.

  • Develop educational programs that better predict and prepare students for the changes that future society will bring. 

  • Emphasize the importance of collective intelligence, driven by the belief that "'We' are cleverer than 'I'." 

  • Enhance creativity through our competitive online and offline programs. 

  • Develop programs that break free from knowledge-centered learning and consist of fun, hands-on, team-oriented activities. 

  • Value the challenging spirit and teamwork that stimulate the latent imagination of participants and encourage their innovative activities.

  • Recognize that creativity is a relative concept, not an absolute one; encourage participants to evaluate their own creativity by comparing themselves to others and naturally encourage them to think creatively. 

  • Develop programs that enable the participants to maintain their newly-formed friendships. 

  • Design programs that cover topics which develop abilities that our participants need to achieve their goals. 

  • Emphasize the importance of collective intelligence, something that our future society requires, and develop online programs that offer timely learning experience. 

  • Our ultimate goal is to foster the ability of our participants to create, imagine, and innovate. 


Named CREDECA, our program has been systemized and thoroughly verified as an innovative program applicable to educational activities that take place in kindergartens, elementary/middle/high schools, universities, companies, and any other educational environments. 

For 28 years, university professors and education experts have been using various individually developed programs to provide creativity education.

Since 2013, several experimental competitions of this program have been organized in various nations. The World Finals of CREDECA is being launched this year.

In an effort to effectively boost imagination and evaluate it in a logical manner, we have developed the program with a focus on how team creativity is realized when the team consists of students unfamiliar with one another, and what methods can be applied to foster both individual and team creativity simultaneously. The program's excellence has already been validated and lauded by countless students, parents, and teachers.

Our program is clearly different from those developed by existing commercial companies (INC), and is our innovative way of serving society through nonprofit means.

The World Association of Creativity is proud to host online competition and the World Finals, where students from across the globe will have a chance to interact with other, understand one another's culture, and acquire a global mindset.
In particular, our innovative online competitions, the first of their kind in the world, are open to all members who will be participating as teams. These competitions are highly beneficial in that they provide an opportunity to gauge the creativity level of teams from countries around the world and serve as an improvement tool that offers useful reference data.
Furthermore, schools around the world can utilize our program, which we offer free of charge, for their various events and extra curricular activities.

At our World Finals, children and teens will have the opportunity to not only compete with peers across the globe, but will also form lasting friendships while spending an incredible meaningful and exciting time together

Our association can now offer participants a journey from imagination to innovation that the CREDECA program embodies, help them experience its amazing outcomes, and provide a forum where they can foster their dream of becoming global leaders.

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