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Through careful and extensive research on the educational changes that the future will bring and how we should prepare ourselves for them, we have reached the conclusion that today's education should be driven by programs that are more open and more proactive than they have been. Thus, we present this program.

Led by world-renowned scholars and specialists who share our cause, we developed a program through which participants can learn about creativity, teamwork, living as part of a community, and networking in a hands-on style.

Our goal is to help the students who participate in our program to master the process of becoming global citizens and acquire these necessary skills on their own. Ultimately, we hope this leads to more fullfilling and happy lives.

After-school programs

WAC has proven world-class creativity programs.

CREDECA Creativity Program(Step by Step),Big Data, AI, Kids Music, Coding, Mechatronics, Robot, Goldberg Machine, KIDS CREATIVITY & SCIENCE

Youth Vision Program

* Our association runs AI Coding and Big data analysis education programs. It is also an international organization that issues certificates.

CSRI course.
This course is a program that allows you to easily understand the principles of science through experiments and demonstrations of science.

This program was researched and developed based on NGSS.

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