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Teacher Training

We provide trained teachers specializing in creativity education.

Member countries that need experience with teaching creativity may hold a teacher training workshop to boost their level of creativity education. Fostering teachers who specialize in creativity will help the member countries upgrade their educational methodologies and contents while also proving effective methods to boost the creativity of both their students and teachers. We recommend that this workshop be held one or two times annually. Please contact us for more details on.

If you participate in our training (by member country), you will be given a WAC international accreditation certificate.
We have to complete our education for 70 hours, and there are types of certificates such as creativity, AI, Coding, Goldberg STEM education.

Mutual Exchange Programs for Member Countries 

If a member country wishes to invite a neighboring member country to its camp or event, it can use our mutual exchange program. This colloboration will enrich the event and also boost its credibility. The program will help our association realize one of our visions, and hence we plan to actively promote and support it. Students participating in this exchange program will be able to understand the culture of each other's culture, and befriend the 1:1 buddies they are assigned. It will also offer a valuable opportunity for both the teachers and member countries.

  Institute of Education and Program

Our organization develops and disseminates creative and innovative programs to foster talent for the future.

Types of new programs

 AI. Big Data Analysis and Utilization
Coding, Goldberg Machine Program.


 International Institute of Education & Research

  U.S.A, India, South Korea, Vietnam, China,

Issuance of certificates
 To issue a certificate to the person who has completed the training

Qualification test
 We conduct the qualification examination system five times a year.
February, May, August, October, December.

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