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We provide a forum where students around the world who will lead the future society and their teachers can interact with one another and fully showcase their creativity.

Our Global Finals are designed to help students from countries across the globe to interact, make friends, expand their understanding of other cultures, and acquire a global mindset. 
The programs developed for this competition foster the ability of teams that consist of students who do not know each other to demonstrate true teamwork while also boosting team creativity.

Team creativity, divergent thinking and their convergence to reach an outcome, will be of utmost importance in the future.  These skills are developed when students become directly involved in creative activities.

Both individuals and organizations can achieve remarkable growth in terms of creativity by participating in our CREDECA program. These are the results that our research team gathered through their experience of teaching students over the past 28 years. Our competition programs serve as an opportunity for students from around the world to interact and compare their level of creativity with one another regardless of the countries or regions they are from or their economic backgrounds, ethnicities, or ideologies.

The following programs offer them a great chance to go beyond school, regional, and national-level competitions and upgrade to a global level.

Regional/National Competition Program

If you wish to host a competition with this program at a school-, regional, or national level, all competition participants must become registered as members. Teams who participate in such regional or national competitions can film themselves competing and participate in the World Online Competition. 

World Online Competition Program

We also host online competitions that are designed to help students from across the globe develop creativity with which they can lead the future society, as well as to boost their confidence. 
This program will serve as a great opportunity, especially for teams who cannot participate in the World Finals due to various reasons. 

CREDECA World Finals Programs

The CREATIVITY DECATHLON WORLD FINALS is hosted annually in July in the United States. Students from all over the world get together to compete and interact. 

Members who participate in online/offline competitions can have 1:1 exchange with members of another country through our exchange program.

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