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Events & Activities at the World Finals


Opening Ceremony
Families are welcome to attend our opening ceremony in which we will review the week's activities and share in the mission of the CREDECA program.

Students will have an opportunity to interact with students from other countries and make new friends.

CREDECA Newspaper
Participants will write articles and create original artwork and photography based on the four day competition. All submissions will be accepted on the 3rd day of the competition.  Chosen entries will be published in the CREDECA Newspaper.

Earn Volunteer Hours
Forms are required in advance in order to receive volunteer hours. Volunteering requires participation for the duration of the competition. Tasks include caring for younger participants, helping to prepare events, and working with teachers and staff.

CREDECA Festival
Students will attend a festival which includes games, culture exchange, talent shows and activities.

Magnet Trade
Participants can either customize or purchase magnets to exchange.

Awards Ceremony
All participants and families will be invited to an awards ceremony where trophies will be given for both individual and group activities. 

Campus Life
Students will spend four days on the beautiful campus at Rider University, living in the dormitories. Meals will be provided in the dining hall, and snacks will be provided during daytime activities.

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